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September 25, 2014

This is the first in a number of posts which are consolidated tweets from our guest minister introduced yesterday- Effiong Okpo.

Grace and peace be multiplied to you as you increase in the knowledge of our Lord, King and Brother Jesus Christ
These things I write to you that your faith in Him may grow stronger, that your hope may be renewed and that your joy may overflow

A mango cannot be called a mango if it doesn’t have the characteristics of a mango
Likewise, we must stop calling what doesn’t have the characteristics of love… Love
Let us look at what TRUE LOVE is… “Love suffers long and is kind: love does not envy, love does not parade itself
is not puffed up; does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil
does not rejoice in humility, but rejoices in truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things
enables all things. Love never fails”
So when they say they love you… but their love for you doesn’t look like what was just described, how is that then love?
I have found that EVERYBODY I’ve EVER met that said they have given up on love… Didn’t even know what love truly is
True love does not come from earth… It comes down from Heaven. So you cannot find love in sex
You cannot find love in money, cars and expensive things… So if you seek love in these things, you will ALWAYS get disappointed
While these things can be used to EXPRESS love… Love is the substance that makes it more than just sex, more than just money
What is the difference between paying for sex… And giving your wife (that you have sex with) money? Is it not love?
So BEFORE sex… Comes love. This is why the carnal mind cannot comprehend no premarital sex
If you are seeking love in the things of this world… I regret to inform you that your search would ALWAYS come up empty
But the one that finds God has found love…. Love (God) empowers us TO love, so the one without God CANNOT love

A godly spouse IS TO BE YOUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY… Even if you compromise on looks, DO NOT EVER compromise on this
We have ourselves to blame when we go looking for love where we cannot find God
How can you find love in an ungodly relationship? Thus Scripture says “Do not be unequally yoked”

A godly man uses his wife to SHOW OFF his wealth… It is by looking at my wife you should know my wealth, not my cars
Didn’t Scripture say to let our light so shine before men that they may see our good works then glorify GOD? Now watch this
The marriage between man and woman shadows the marriage between Jesus and the church
Is it not by looking at the church we are to know the exceedingly great glory, wisdom, and riches of Jesus?
The godly marriage is so beautiful… Husband finds ONE vessel to FOCUS ALL his love and affection on
If my wife is looking at other men, it’s my fault… Do you know what happens when God empowers you to love a woman?
I am not to shout at my wife for ANY reason, I am to listen to her, spoil her with gifts, nourish her with loving words

My busiest days would be the days I prepare breakfast for her… Why? To show her that after God, NOTHING is more important than her
She is to have a honeymoon experience… The WHOLE marriage. ONLY God can empower you to make this possible
Ladies, when you know how the godly man thinks, all those “bad boys” would be revealed as exactly what they are… Boys

No man that has been taught of God would open his mouth and ask you for a threesome or unnatural sexual acts
No man that has been taught of God would raise his hand to hit you, or withhold ANY good thing from you
Jesus doesn’t wait for me to ask before He blesses me… So why should I wait for my wife to ask me for money?
Jesus always surrounds me with help…So my wife is CLEARLY not my maid or cook. She will have ALL the help she needs
Again, only God can empower you to love the godly woman right. Because she is on a level higher than “high-maintenance”
A wife is the carrier of the grace my life has been lacking… She must be treated as such
This is why Solomon wrote “I charge you, O daughters of Jerusalem, DO NOT stir up nor awaken love until it pleases”
The love he has for you should not seem “new” to you… It should remind you of the love Jesus has for the church

The godly woman is a mystery to the ungodly man… He cannot understand her no matter how hard he tries
Have you seen how it is impossible to talk about love without bringing up marriage?

The man that loves you does not say “Move in with me”… He gives you a ring then the keys to EVERYTHING
Sisters, Father HIDES you from the wrong guys. That no guy is coming up to you yet IS no reason to be worried
No godly man gives a godly woman a prenup to sign. This is utter foolishness. Do you not know she will double your fortunes?

The godly man considers him and his wife to be ONE… Whatever he has to think about, he talks to her about
The godly marriage is to be an experience in Heaven BEFORE we get to Heaven
That you think marriage is a bad idea CLEARLY tells me you don’t understand true love

“Effiong all men are the same”… I see, it is obvious you have never met a son of New Jerusalem before

Do you know what it is to be married to a man that was TAUGHT to love BY Love Himself?
What do you know that you weren’t taught? Did you not know you have to learn how to express love?
I don’t know what the world is doing… But the more time I spend in the sanctuary of the Most High, the more I know it’s not love
If someone puts a Coke label on a Fanta bottle… Does that automatically make it Coke?
So that the world is calling whatever that thing is… Love, DOES NOT make it love. The substance will ALWAYS speak for itself
Father assures me that through us… He will show the world what true love is. Prepare for a season of godly marriages
May this revelation become your reality as you receive these words by faith. Amen & amen

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