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confidence in God

August 6, 2014

1 John 5:14-15
And this is the confidence that we have in him that if we ask anything in his name according to his will he hears us.

It’s not easy to trust in God.
We are talking about practical christianity here.
You hear people say- just trust God
It is well.
How often do you really believe this ?
That God can truly help you
That he can cure your diseases ?
That he can protect you ?
That he can provide a job ?
You don’t have to get to the brink of the end to believe him although most times you get there before your faith grows to the point where you can leave it all to him.
It often happens when you have tried all your means as a human being and you are finally tired.

When it feels low, down and hard remember what God says that he will honor his word.
This is why he said we should ask in his will.
His will is found in his word.
Once you put God’s word before him, be rest assured that your requests will be granted.
Learn to tell God what his word says when you pray to him.
Remember he is not a dead God.
He lives, sees, hears and acts.

Our confidence comes from the verse above that if we ask in his will,in his name,he will answer.
Don’t despair through whatever you are going through now.
He is still God and in the business of working things out.
1thess.4:13 abridged says ‘grieve not as people who have no hope’

You have hope,you have life.
God is going to work things out for you.

Today, Lord I ask in your name as your word says.
Those things that have been difficult for me.
Those things I’m hoping for.
According to your word which says you will supply all my needs
I put my confidence in you and because you said they that put their trust in you shall NEVER be put to shame, I believe everything I’ve asked of you will be done, In Jesus Name.

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