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he cares…

October 25, 2011

life and love
It is known that another human being cannot make you happy if you haven’t found a reason within yourself to be happy.
Sometimes the walk seems so lonely
The world seems like it s so cold
Everyone is doing their own thing
No one will ever remember to ask how you’re doing
Imagine if you kept waiting by the gullotine
For someone to express some genuine concern for you..
And there was a time frame of say 24hrs
I bet your head would be off by the end of the day because a lot of people ask how you are but only very few really care about your reply.
How many people really care if you’re doing well?
That’s because everyone has problems and more than half the time they are submerged in theirs.
Not yours.
Few people really have that time and commitment to follow through with another persons issues.
This is where at the end of it all you remember you have God.
And with him you have everything you need
He said in

Matthew 28:20
Lo,I am with you always even unto the ends of the earth.

Where éver it seems you are going
Whatever you want to do
There is God
He loves you
He genuinely cares about you
He wants everything to work out right for you.
He is all you need
If you try him..he will be more than enough for you.
Have him and then see,that you will have something to offer and you can begin to make a change in a world that may not truly care for you.
You will have so will give others genuinely.


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