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A cloud and some fire

August 30, 2011

Then the LORD will create over Jerusalem a cloud of smoke by day. He will also create a glow of flaming fire at night. They will appear over all of Mount Zion and those who gather together there. The LORD’s glory will be like a tent over them.
it will cover them and give them shade from the hot sun all day long. It will be a safe place where they can hide from storms and rain.

jump for joy..
The children of God are like mount zion.
Never shaken
Never moved..
You are mount zion.
A city set on a hill..
You cannot be hidden
And now what else to aDd to that?
A cloud of smoke by day..
To confuse all who advance towards you with evil intents in their hearts..
A pillar of fire by night.
To consume every evil destruction of the night.
Remember how he led the Israelites through the wilderness in this very same manner..
The glory of God is a tent over you..
It will cover you and yours
As all who dwell in mount zion.
All who dwell within God
He has covered you.
He will keep you under his glory while the sun is raging hot and its seems like no one can venture out..
You will be stepping out regardless of the circumstances under the canopy of the most high.
He will be a shelter from the storms and rains
And of course with my God the roof cannot leak..
So when life is getting turbulent you know what to do…
Stroll under his shelter..
Call on me in time of trouble he says and I will show you great and mighty works which thou knowest not.
This God..
He beats my imagination everytime
Everything we need he has amply provided for us.
He then added protection from storms,loss,adversaries.
You must remain ever conscious of this fact
That you have somewhere to run to when things seem to be drifting away from perfection that you are protected with a seal as a child of God
Wherever the mark of the blood of the lamb is seen you are rendered untouchable
You are certified whole and immune…
Because of the protection of God upon your life
No accidents,no bad stories,no near misses..
No almost syndrome
Praise God.

Thank you Lord
For you remain a cloud over me
A pillar of fire
The glory and the lifter of my head.
Thank you for protecting me Lord
For keeping me
I know everything is working out for my Good
I declare a hedge of fire round about myself and all of my loved ones
No evil shall befall us
Our feet will not stray to danger..
Thank you father for your kindness
The blood of Jesus which speaks louder than the blood of abel has covenanted for my protection and safety
I bless you Lord for this even as I know that my feet my ways and my life are guided by you.
For everyone travelling today we ask for this pillar of fire and cloud of smoke as a covering over them.
It is well with me Lord and with all I do today.

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