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wise weaknesses

August 22, 2011

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.
2 Corinthians 12:9

In your weaknesses,that is where Gods strength begins
At the end of your road
Where you have collapsed in a tired heap
When you have given up on the possibility of anything ever working out or going according
To plan
That’s where God starts
Yes,indeed that’s how God works..
He uses the things that look foolish in your life..
To confirm that indeed when he made you there was wisdom put into you.
The things that make you seem at a disadvantage will become the stepping stones to your greatness
His grace is sufficient for you…
Have you tried asking for grace then?
He has provided enough..
When we don’t ask,its a wonder how we plan to recieve
Don’t be ashamed of the things that seem to undermine you..
Don’t hide and try to pretend
those things are what God will use to confirm his word in your life..
Peter was a stark illiterate but on the day he began to speak in tongues and work miracles..
It became more obvious to the people that indeed this was something extraordinary
Let God use the foolish things in your life..
The apparently sad things as a building block for make wisdom and beauty for you.
Be strong in your weaknesses..
Don’t be ashamed of your limitations
Recognise them and ask God to start making something of them for you.
Realise that God is your strength and everything you can do is because he has given you the ability to..
Without God and his love and his strength plus grace you are nothing
Absolutely nothing will come of you and your existence would be just to complete the numbers as a statistic on earth.
Turn to his love today
Confess positively about your life
Ask him to step in and give him room to start working on you and all the sad situations you have be in.
To start improving you according to his plan for your life.

God my father
I come to you today
That I may dwell completely
In your abundance and grace
I empty myself of everything I am
And I know that without you I am nothing
I ask for you to use every weakness in me
To confirm your word of wisdom
I ask for your strength to turn every weak situation in my life into something that will glorify you.
Where I end Lord is where you begin to work with me
I confess that indeed..I have nothing else to carry on with..
Build with with with me
This week and today
I ask that you perfect all of my life
Beautify all of my life.
And create wonderful things out of all that I am not.
I will fulfil my destiny..
I will not stand and watch my life go by in helplessness
You are my rock and my salvation
I have given it all to you.
Take control.
Thank you your name I have prayed.


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