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acting in faith.

August 20, 2011

As I came into this place
I felt His presence in this place
As I came into this place
I felt His power in this place
The hand of God is moving
He is reaching out to me
The King of Kings is present
So open up your heart

My faith reaches out to you
I believe Your Word for me today
Lord I believe
I believe

The Spirit of God is the answer
He knows just what you require
This is a divine appointment
Today your destiny will change
The heavens are opened wide
It is pouring down on us
Showers of blessing
Position to receive

Go forth today
Believing that you have received all you require to be a success in life.
Believe it because even if you have been given something if you do not believe it to be yours you will never put it to good use..
Believe God today as he said that he has made you the head and not the tail.
Believe in him that you are an overcomer
Believe that all things work together for your good
Believe that indeed he will set up a banquet for you in the presence of those who despise you.
Believe that indeed your head is exalted like that of the unicorn
You are triumphant over every evil manipulation
Success is your crown.
Exercise your faith today
Its all about believing and practising what you
Already know.
Because you then need to know that faith without works is dead..
Shout about faith but you have to live it
Give thanks for things you have not received yet gratitude is the expression of hope in God.

Ïn the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.
James 2:17

So get moving and act like you know this…
Because you do.
Get moving and get stuff done
Because you are a victor.
So act like you already have what you need
Show God you are ready for the next level..
Start moving.


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