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get up and go…

August 19, 2011

Sometimes life can really suck
You wake up in the morning and you simply do not feel like you can make it through the day.
You just have despair and tiredness written all over you.
Sometimes it isn’t because of anyone
Its just the way things are
Just the way you can’t really do anything about it safe to. Just try
Try and keep trying
Keep trying and trying harder
That’s why God is there..
When you wake up all bleak
For a temporary moment
It seems like what am I even going to do with myself today
How will I start
Where will I go
How will I do this
That’s the moment when you call on him
Like he said he will show you great and mighty things which you do not know about
Life can present you with many sad times
Opportunities to cry
But that’s how you are different from everyone else
Because you know whom you are
And you hold on to your faith
That strength within that keeps you from falling
That spirit of excellence that encourages you to try again..
Try again..
Get up and go
Get moving
You have new territories to conquer.
It will work out today..
Receive strength…do not be dismayed
He will perfect all that concerns you.


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