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a hug for the hurting heart….

August 15, 2011
though your sins be like scarlet and your heart is on the floor...guess what?

though your sins be like scarlet and your heart is on the floor…guess what?

Hello you,
Here’s a hug
Grab a chair and let’s cuddle up by the fire
I see your clothes are stained with blood
Where did you get that from?
Been in a fight I see?
Fighting with yourself or someone else?
Is that how you got these bruises?
O look,the blood has made a shape out on your clothes…
Looks like a heart shape to me..

I can make your clothes white as snow
Come and let us reason together
Let’s see how we can get you out of the rain
I make sun too so be certain I will call some of it out after we got you all cleaned up..
I made love..can’t you see too?
I first showed everyone how to love
I did it first and I thought you would all follow my example
Yes,I know…no need to raise a voice in protest..
That’s how you all got it wrong..
If you did it the way I always have
There wouldn’t be any bloodied tears today..
I’ve been making stuff since I existed
I made you too…

I am the beginning of everything
And here it all ends with me

This is where you start and you come to be
I’m always here and that’s how I saw you running from the rain
I’m always waiting because I know you will come home to me when it gets tough out there
You”ll come for some warmth in my fires and some shelter from the blistering rain
I know how bad the storms can be
I gave them the powers to roll and overturn
I also gave the waves and the sea their boundaries
You see how much power I have?
Now,let me into what worries you..
Your shirt is being washed as we speak..
I know it has to be your heart
I already saw all the signs
I asked you to guard it diligently
But still I know how the world is

You hurt yourself
You hurt others
It keeps going round
But when you start off on all of this
You never ask me for my opinion
You never want to know what I think
That’s why I made you though
So with your ways I can always tell you
I am that I am
Rest your heart a bit
Let my fingers soothe and warm it

I know just where and how to touch you
I made you carefully and wonderfully
Can you feel my arms embrace you?
I know you every contour and mould
I am that I am
The healer of all things broken
Like the potter and the clay
I watch you
Then I mold you
Then I break you when you’re losing shape
All because I love you…

I have designed for you
Immeasurable joy
Somewhere its waiting to be found
What is it you seek my child?
You will find it
Love…in the coolest of places
By the oceans spray
A fountain pouring forth joy
The chuckle of a baby

I have it all worked out for you..
You just always love to hurry past without asking
So when you go into the battle rough hewn and absurdly cut..
No helmet of truth
No breastplate of righteousness
How do you win without me child?
Its too much for you alone to bear…
I am here for you…
I have loved with a love that none else can
I walked with you through musky forests
The Cold and chilly helmland
Kept you safe from hunger and kaola bears
Made oasis in the desserts all because I saw you needed me..
I have never left you
I watched you cry when you felt lost
I shone that ray of hope that led you to the clearing in the woods
This log cabin where you found me

I see the rain has stopped
Your shirt is dry
The sun is out
I will send you forth again
Dry and clean
Fresh and ready
Take it on child
For he in you
is greater than he in the world
I am your maker
I have fortified you..
Take heed my child
To the words I have spoken
Not for another day will a tear escape
Your lovely eyes
I have loved you with a great love
A great love you shall find.

i am your maker,,hold on tightly.

i am your maker,,hold on tightly.


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  1. peps permalink

    This is so nice..I feel hugged and warm..


  2. Aw this is lovely. A hug helps everything. And so does a good friendship.

    Take a look at my blog about friendship-

    If you get a chance.

    Thanks, Vicki xo


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