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peace be still

August 11, 2011

He got up and rebuked the wind and said to the waves,peace be still…and the wind died down and it was completely calm.
He said to his disciples,why are you so afraid,have you no faith?

Yes,that you..
Little faith persons
You who is Gods disciple in this day and age..
When there is a little shaking of your boat..
Instantly you activate panic mode.
All that you have known about God and the power you have to control situations fails your memory..
You start fidgeting and probably evem mutter under your breath
“I am finished”
Please wake up..didn’t you see Jesus was sleeping on a cushion..very comfortably without stress..
Or you think he didn’t feel the weight of the storm tossing the boat to and fro?
Of course he did but he was just chilling because he knew he had power over the situation
Just a little command..saying to the waves that’s alright I know you just wanted some of my voice..its okay now.)ou can be quiet.
And what did the disciples say?
Who is this man?
That even the wind and the waves obey him?
His coming was foretold several years before
His power to save and bear our transgressions was spoken to a generation who would not even know him.
How grateful we should be that we not only enjoy this saving grace of Jesus but when we believed,he also gave us power to become the sons of God
Just like Jesus is,just like he was when he walked the earth,he took control,he got the key and he gave us the power..
So we can speak to waves and storms and fires
We can speak to apparently bad situations
We can change things with a word of our mouth and believe that we have the power to do it.
Someday you will have to mature beyond the beggy way of doing things and start speaking to situations
Start talking like someone who has the authority..speak with the knowledge that you can say to a mountain be moved and it will..
You have the ability to overcome all that tries to beset you.
Say to It today
“peace be still”

Father thank you for the manifold authority you have given me as your child.
I speak today with that authority you have given me as your child and with the power in Jesus name that I have..
Every negative happening in my life is removed
My ways are covered in your glory
I am triumphant over every situation that is not your plan for my life
Today I walk into my heritage as your child and I exercise my power to speak and change things.
Thank you lord for your generosity and love towards me

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