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The former and the latter glories

August 6, 2011

The latter glory of this house will be greater than the former,’ says the LORD of hosts, ‘and in this place I will give peace,’ declares the LORD of hosts.”
Haggai 2:9

Who amongst you is left that saw the glory of the former house?how does it look to you now?
Does it not seem like nothing?
But now be strong,for I am with you
This is my covenant with you when you came out of Egypt and my spirit remains with you.
Do not fear
In a little while,I will once more shake the heavens and the earth,the sea and the dry land
I will shake the nations
The desired of all nations will come to pass
I will fill this house with glory says the lord
The silver is mine and the gold is mine declares the Lord!
The glory of the this present house (latter) shall be greater than the former says the lord almighty and in this place I will grant you peace.

Sometimes looking back at your life you spot a time or season when everything was perfect
You made a lot of money,work was beautiful
School was a breeze,family in order..
Everything was in place and not a bit of wind ruffled your feathers
Then you wish you could go back to that time..
When you had the perfect relationship..when life was all dewdrops and perfect rays of sunlight
Laughter ran out from amongst the trees and flowers
Everything was idyllic
Now,things may have changed..
and you keep going back to those moments in time wishing they had continued forever.

Now when it seems there is nothing left of your former glories
When it seems there won’t ever be hope for whatever has changed in your life…
Look at Gods word.
Be strong he says for he is with you
He brought you from somewhere before you got to the land of bliss..
He brought you from somewhere
He is still with you.
Once again,he will do it
He will shake the heavens and the earth on your behalf
Whatever it is that is desired of all people shall become yours
The glory you look back on thinking it to be the best you ever had shall not compare to what he is bringing ahead of you.
Nothing will be a measure for what he’s bringing ahead of you.
Whenever God mentions a covenant business its wonderful because you can always hold it to him.
He is one who doesn’t let go of his words easily and when he does be certain it has been positioned to establish you.
His covenant with you is to take you to greater places,a higher glory..
So those who knew you in the glory of your former days will be astounded at the greatness of your days to come
Stand firm in his word,depart not from his ways
The glory that is going to fill your life after this season of seeming drought cannot even be fathomed
Nothing stolen,nothing broken,nothing missing in the glory of the new house.
No eye has seen no ear has heard neither has it entered into the mind of any what God has in store for you..#selah
Praise him today.

Lord I’m grateful and thankful
For your covenant with me
That you are taking me to a place of beauty
Where success will overwhelm me
Where mercy will walk beside me
And favour will be my chauffeur
I appreciate you for I know that the glories that lie ahead of me are unimaginable
The new house I will be entering into will far surpass the former
Thank you for your goodness dear lord..
Your love overwhelms me and leaves me speechless

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