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August 5, 2011


I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you
~Matthew 17:20

Without faith it is impossible to please God for even as he has said things in his word you need faith to believe,to trust to know and act like it is happening already.
You need faith to overcome the doubts that push at your mind telling you contrary things.
Faith is the evidence of things not seen and the substance of things yet to come.
Faith makes you pray in thanksgiving that you have already received what you just asked for
Signing yours faithfully at the end of a letter means you are already believing that whatever you are asking for is done.
So even the scholars who generated the classics of learning and etiquette know the importance of having faith.
As we grow in our knowledge of God, through his divine power he gives us everything we need for life and godliness.
2 Peter 1:3
That includes faith and faith comes by hearing,hearing by the word of God.
You need the word to exercise your faith….you cannot practice faith in emptiness.
You need to be able to hold on to Gods word which he has said will never return to him void and which he will honour
By the time you are praying on his word,your belief in the things you are asking for being received doesn’t have to be worked up.
What is impossible with men is possible with God.~Luke 18:27
Start by believing in him and knowing that he rewards all who seek him diligently.
Regardless of what is happening to you,
Regardless of how bad it seems..;ust have faith like a mustard seed..if you believe,you will receive.
You will receive the answers to the things that have puzzled you.
You will receive a turnaround in every nagging situation of your life..all you need to do is exercise your faith..
Pray like you have received it
Know and act in confidence
Do not let your mind be weighed down by negativity.
Start out positively
Say to yourself that all things have been made perfect for you.
Be it exams,business,marriage,whatever it is you are believing in God for
Begin to tell him about his promises concerning those things and challenge him with his word.
Then act like you already got it
Walk the walk..
Talk the talk
Your faith must be put into action

Thank you Father
Thank you Jesus
For I know today
I have received everything that is due me
I thank you because I know that every specific situation in my life has been sorted out by you.
I thank you for a new job
I thank you for my life partner.
I thank you for my success
I thank you for my life
I thank you for Good health
I thank you for supernatural interventions
I thank you for grace and your glory that covers my life
I thank you because I know that whatever I have prayed for in your name
I have received


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