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August 4, 2011

Happy is the man that finds wisdom and the man that gets understanding for the merchandise of it is better than the merchandise of silver and the gain thereof than fine gold.

Wisdom is one of the special gifts that God has made available to you as a child of his inheritance wisdom is that ability to know what to do and when to do it.
How to apply the knowledge you have gained
In solving problems you are faced with in everyday life.
When to start and when to stop.
How to practice the knowledge you have
wisdom bears long life in her right hand and in her left are riches and honour
Wisdom is a tree of life to those who embrace her and those who take her are blessed.
When you have wisdom your path will be laid with peace.
Don’t be too rash to react..a wise man will always ask of God what to do.
Job asked where can wisdom be found?
Where does understanding live?
The sea will say it isn’t here
Death and destruction only heard of it by rumours
It has been hidden from the eyes of every living thing.
Wisdom comes from God
The type that sets you apart..
The type that makes people wonder what kind of brain you have
That’s the type God has given you.
wisdom is crying in the streets and has been made available to you,what you need to do is to go and get it
Because it is your right.
The holy spirit was given to you that he may teach you all things and endow you with supernatural wisdom.
The type that will see you gaining favour in the eyes of the king.
God alone understands the way to wisdom
He alone knows where it dwells
After he had established the earth he looked at wisdom and assessed it
He then said the only way man can live on this earth with the way he had created it was by wisdom.
He confirmed it and he tested it
Then he said–
The fear of the lord is wisdom
To shun evil is understanding
Job 28:28

I just love God more for his simplicity
After that long story
Maybe some diviner would say
Bring the ear of a tortoise
The thigh of a spider
The throat of an elephant
He is so wonderful
All he said was fear me
You will gain wisdom
Shun evil and you will derive understanding


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