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your confidence

August 3, 2011

Do not be afraid of sudden fear,neither of the desolation of the wicked,when it cometh.
For the lord shall be your confidence,and shall keep your foot from being taken.

Your strong tower can never be shaken
You have a God that doesn’t sleep or slumber
Let the lord be your confidence
Your boasting point
Your reference
Because he lives,you can face tomorrow
Because he lives you have nothing to fear.
Because the lord is your confidence even when the plains seem to turn into sinking sand,your foothold is not shaken
When the wicked are reaping the reward of their harvest,you are not be moved
When others are being cast down and made desolate that will be when you will be experiencing a lifting up.
You dwell in the secret place of the most high
You abide under the shadow of the almighty
No evil shall befall you.
Stop being chicken today,
Step forward and step out
With the full knowledge that you have an army behind you.
You have a shield and a buckler
You have un explainable favour.
Your steps are ordered by the Lord.
This is even more of the confidence you have,that if you ask anything according to his will he will hear you.
And that he who started a good work in you will be faithful to complete it
He is the author and the finisher of your race.
Your confidence doesn’t lie in man made statues that cannot speak
It doesn’t lie in the ever changing tides of the economy
It doesn’t lie in shares
It doesn’t lie in the promises that business partners make
Or that uncles and aunties make
It lies in the one who made the heaven his throne and the earth his footstool
Who has control of the winds
Whose finger alone can turn every situation around
Whose breath is like a roaring fire
Who looks down on you with tenderness and love.

Dear Lord
Thank you for reminding me you are still here with me
I know you are my confidence,
I make my boast in you.
I know you will complete the good you started in my life
I walk in the understanding today that you are near to me
You have perfected all that concerns me today.

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