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August of completion,August of good

August 1, 2011

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God and are caLled according to his purpose
Romans 8:28

This is a very common verse
Easily quoted by everyone
The question though is this…
Do you really believe it when you say it?
Do you really believe that God is working all things for your good?
Do you really trust in him that the temporary hills of today will make way for plains and everything will be fine?
When his spirit is whispering calm to you in a storm do you take it to heart and stay consoled by the fact that he has your workings in his hand?
Do you affirm to yourself that God knows what’s best for you and is bringing you towards a good and expected end?
How do you react to those little hitches of life?
Those little setbacks?
Do you forget that he has everything about you committed to memory?
Or that he will make streams in the desert?
One of the tricks of the accuser is to make you sad,telling you all hope is lost.
Do not believe lies today…stand strong knowing that in Gods time he beautifies everything
The perfection he will bring to your life at the end of the turmoil will overwhelm you.
Regardless of what the situation is,keep holding on.
Regardless of how difficult it looks,keep reminding your father who neither sleeps nor slumbers that you know its working for your good
Speak positively into your day,your life,your business..
Your marital situation,or unmarried state.
Speak to your womb if you are waiting on God for fruit and it shall come to pass..
If at the end,God raised dry bones to the glory of his name and caused Sarah to have a child at 90years of age…
Find joy today because he is still the same yesterday,today and forever and ten years is but a minute for him.
He is still working on are not yet finished
Everything will be for your good in the end.

Lord I believe today that indeed when I experience delays,you are working all things for me
I believe that every good and perfect thing comes from you..
I know you are never going to leave me halfway because you who have started with me will be faithful to complete what you started.
Jesus I look up to you as the author and the finisher of this race I am running
My Life is not taken down.
I am not shaken by what I see..
The lines will fall unto me in pleasant places all of today and this month.
I bless you lord because I shall continually set you at my right hand as my shield and my buckler
You will show me great and mighty works and I will praise your name forever
This month is the August of my good
You shall complete every work started in my life for my good this month in the name of Jesus.

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