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your shield

July 31, 2011

My shield is God most high who saves the upright in heart pslam 7:10

He is your strength and your defence
Whoever wants to harm you or trouble you has to go through him.
Then to think that he is almighty,a consuming fire,the defender of the weak..
Be certain that nothing will ever happen to you while you are resting under his shadow.
He is so great that his shadow alone is enough defence
He is so great that once he has spoken,it must surely come to pass.
Has it ever crossed your mind about the awesomeness of this God who has vowed to protect and keep you..from the snare of the Fowler and the noisesome pestilence
Surely shall no arrow of evil befall you.
You are kept and protected.
You are feted on all sides
You are covered with his flaming hedge of fire
And just as the mountains surround Jerusalem so he is round about you.
You need to get really excited now because evil can never come near your dwelling place
The mighty one of Israel has already raised a standard against anyone who tries to harm you
He has already proclaimed in his word that though tens of thousands fall all about you they shall surely flee..
Wherever they have gathered to speak evil against you the lord has scattered them.
You need to begin to imagine who is shielding you today.
You need to begin to understand how great he is..
Your protection doesn’t expire..
It is a lifetime contract

Thank you lord
For I claim all the promises you have made regarding my life and well being
I am secure and safe in your arms and I am sheilded and kept from every divination and enchantment
When they gather against me,surely shall they be scattered.
I believe in you more today.
You are the light of my life and the strength of my salvation

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