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creamy goodness

July 25, 2011

When the almighty was with me and my steps were bathed in cream..the rocks poured out streams of olive oil for me job29:5

His glory fills the earth
His mercies they endure forever#selah
When we realise how merciful God is
How much he desires for us to prosper and succeed
Then we may truly understand and appreciate him
Imagine a father who has kept everything you need and all you have to do is ask
All you have to do is pray and say little words
I need this lord
Or my favourite little whispers…’lord I need grace’
Every child of God works in dominion
We have already overcome trials
Tribulations,all the sadness of life
God has kept these things for us all who love him
All you need to do is walk into the banquet
Now is not the time to wakeup and say there’s no hope for today
I can’t make it
I can’t do it
I’m so sad
Life is worthless
Those are not the words

The words are
I believe God from seed to harvest
I believe all things are working for my good
I am not tired of life
I will succeed in all I set out to do today
The grace of God is made manifest upon my life the rocks will pour out streams of olive oil for me
Surely my steps are bathed in the creamy goodness of the lord!

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  2. Now this is beautiful!..


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