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death–the final cross

July 24, 2011

Life and the ways it can be
The creator in his infinite mercies
The grace he has given us all
Jesus when he died took the key to life and death when he went down to hell and redeemed us from the curse of the devils death
But here is a pertinent question
Though you are not appointed to die young
If you did,where would you go?
This place is not for hiding in sin.
If you are reading this and you have not fully let go of a sinful life
You will need to think about doing so
Sin is anything that contravenes the laws of God
Premarital sex..lies..stealing..immorality
Take a stand for what you will
Whom you will want to be with if tomorrow doesn’t come for you.
Watch the lifestyle you live and whom it glorifies
Fun and games last for earth alone
The maker,eternity is the final question
Today a young chap died
Probably in the early hours of this morning
I am consumed with questions of where he has gone
I rush to figure out if he had a relationship with the saviour
I treasure my salvation more for this
The question you should ask you is your reason on earth
The one you will meet when its done…

Think about Jesus and say a word to him today
He hears even the smallest whisper.
Tell him about your life..
The ups and downs
The stories
He will listen
He will help
He will find you
He wants you to experience the joy of knowing him.


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One Comment
  1. dr leezle permalink

    Hmmmm!true talk!!
    Leaves me with a lot to ponder on!!!


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